AFI at The Knitting Factory

I always get a little burst of excitement when I walk into a full house at the Knitting Factory. You never know what you are going to get with the crowd but you do know that it is going to be interesting either way. We did manage to catch a snippet of the opening band and I did not understand a word they were saying however they did do a Circle Jerks cover. I was standing in the front of the floor but off the side of the stage and when I peeked back behind the curtain I saw Davey from AFI totally sitting down singing along to the opening band. It took a few times to realize it was him – the new hair do makes a difference. However I just thought that was so cool of him to rock out instead of being some rockstar back stage.

When the band walked out on stage Davey looked fabulous in a gold suit with a nice black cute off tee that had a single thin gold strip across the chest. AFI went straight into one hit after another for a few songs then taking a moment to say Hello.

 Davey mentioned his favorite thing in Spokane was our garbage eating goat. This is a side note but I hear that a lot so that goat must have met a lot of famous people – lucky. One the bad side of Spokane when they were walking around town early he said a 16 year old girl was driving her car rolled down the window and yelled “Faggot.” Davey said he wasn’t even wearing his gold suit – LAME Spokane LAME.

I don’t know tons about AFI, I know the hits and what I heard I liked; I think I will be adding some more of their music into my collection after the show. I felt like the odd one out on the floor though because every person around me knew every word; that is such an electric feeling. There are a lot of “Whoas” and “Ohs” I could sing along on those parts. With nine albums these guys are going strong – they have grown into their sound and Davey can still manage to scream at the top of his lungs then sing like he is trained in classical music.

They were a fun band to watch, they really got into the set and Davey was just all over the place throwing his arms into the air and being very theatrical. We stayed the entire night and it was just a blast. We got to hear hits like “Miss Murder,” “Medicate,” “Love Like Winter,” and so much more; they even played some older songs. I would give this show 10 stars it was a great night and I would defiantly see them again!

Words by Andrea Williams / Photos by Matt Auclair


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