Three Thoughts on 3Oh!3

  1. I have not been to a lot of shows at the Blvd. but I will say that 3 oh! 3 had one of the largest crowds I’ve seen at this venue and it was a Monday Night. That shows the power of the tour sponsor Myspace.
  2. 3oh! 3 rocks and is one of the best live bands around today. There mix of techno, rap and punk is one of a kind. They tore the Blvd to shreds. The two lead singers in 3 Oh! 3 put more energy into a show then most bands do in an entire tour.
  3. Ask any kid who was at the show last night about 3 oh! 3 and they will not say a word and just show you the 3 Oh! 3 hand gesture (by bringing your thumbs and index fingers together to form an “O” shape, and spreading the middle, ring, and pinky fingers apart).

Words and Photos by Matt Auclair


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